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Before you Hire a Tracking Dog Team - You should know... 


To be effective, individuals working as K9 Handlers must be skilled in all aspects of the Tracking Dog Triad.

As a K9 Handler, one must be knowledgeable in working and reading scent dogs. In addition it is critical that a handler be experienced and successful in how to structure and work a missing pet case based on the specific scenario. Running around behind a tracking dog following a scent is only a small part of what it takes to be successful in the pursuit of a missing animal. Profiling and Case Structure is the most overlooked aspect of this work but it is as important as the other skills necessary to be effective.

The Tracking Dogs must be able to follow the scent of a  specific missing animal. These K9s must also be able to alert their handler when they no longer have scent or the scent of the missing pet is not in a specific  area. Many pet owners have been befuddled and discouraged with individuals who have claimed experience as they ran for hours behind their scent dogs apparently hot on the trail only to later find their missing dog at the next door neighbors house. What was the "tracking dog" following? Clearly not the missing dog. This is a bad situation for everyone involved and works against the principles and standards professionals are striving to build in creating a credible and reliable industry pet owners can count on.