MASDN works in tandem with approved trainers, instructors and educational resources to fulfill the need for qualified and certified K9 handlers in this field. 

The working mantra of MASDN is "Strength in Knowledge, Not Numbers."

For this reason, training and inclusion in MASDN is determined by interview and evaluation.


Request for Training and Candidate Selection

K9 Handler Training
Scent Specific Tracking Dog Training 


You will train with successful, licensed Private Investigators, real Pet Detectives, working full-time in the location and
recovery of missing pets.

"Boots on the Ground" Training 

Apprentice to
Sanctioned Professional

Work with or as a
Private Investigator...
licensing options available.
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Training and Instruction by Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn and other veteran investigators and K9 Handlers from the missing pet industry.


Please complete the form below. An instructor, trainer or MASDN representative will contact you in regards to your request.

NOTE: MASDN is a network of experienced professionals specializing in missing animals. Inclusion in the network is subject to review. Selection for training and participation in the network is based on many criteria. The selection process starts with an interview after we receive the form below. MASDN is under no obligation to train or instruct any individual or group requesting training.

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