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 The missing pet crisis....
"The search for a missing pet is a step into uncharted territory at a time when most panicked pet owners are at their most vulnerable. This is not the time for an individual or family to have to sift and sort through misinformation, superstition, hoax and scam. As investigators, K9 handlers and field agents working with a distraught public, we have long realized the need for licensing, certifications and accountability. MASDN is a culmination of effort by a passionate league of professionals tasked with doing just that." ~Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn 



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Written for pet owners with a missing dog by MASDN Certified K9 Handler and Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn.
The techniques, tools and strategies used by Karin TarQwyn and her team of investigators at Lost Pet Professionals.
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The Missing Animal Scent Dog Network (MASDN) was founded by a group of Private Investigators, Dog Trainers and K9 handlers working independently to locate and recover missing and lost pets. The group banded together to create and install Standards of Practice, Case Structure and Procedures as well as a Code of Ethics and Certification Standards for K9 Handlers and their dogs. 

MASDN represents a concerted effort by professionals dedicated to the missing animals they seek to find and the grieving families who love them. 


Pet Detectives Training


K9 Handler Training
Scent Specific Tracking Dog Training 
Hands-on-training working behind the big dogs. Selected candidates can get started in the Professional World of Real Pet Detectives.
This is the only training in the country taught by full time licensed professionals.

Training and Instruction by Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn and other veteran investigators and K9 Handlers from the missing pet industry.

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